Routine Maintenance

Whether it is your personal vehicle or fleet maintenance services you are looking for we cover it all.

A little love goes a long way when it comes to sustaining your vehicle. By following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance intervals, the rewards are clear: you alleviate performance-robbing symptoms, prevent unwelcome, potentially serious damage to your vehicle and minimize costly future repairs.

working 225x300 Routine MaintenanceRegular maintenance keeps your vehicle in tip top shape. When you slack on maintenance, components like filters become dirty and impair your vehicle’s performance.  Dirty fuel injectors, if not cleaned or replaced, experience reduced flow and dwindling MPGs. Spark plugs also head south, ushering in sluggish acceleration, deficient fuel economy and a jerky, inconsistent energy supply. If you don’t keep up with exchanging system fluids your vital car parts can lack proper lubrication needed to cool and protect them.

Sound off-putting?

TRUCK 150x150 Routine MaintenanceIt is, but no need to worry. Expert technicians at Gass Automotive give it to you straight and help you adhere to your manufacturer’s intent. From fresh filters, fluid exchanges, tune-ups and light bulb replacement, we perform key recommended maintenance to keep your vehicle running newer, longer and without undue, added expense. Come in today and see what kind of maintenance programs we offer, and what we can do for you and your car.