Do you feel the chill in the air?

Don’t be one of the estimated 70% of motorists who do not prepare their cars for winter weather.  Winter car care is essential as the cool fall weather sets in. If you winterize your car now for the coming weather you enhance your vehicle’s life, saving you from costly repair bills.

Winterize your car? We live in Texas, what does that even mean?

Yes we know it doesn’t get that cold down here all the time, but it gets cold enough for your vehicle. Remember just like we prepare for the HOT summer, we must prepare for the cool fall/winter.

By preparing tires, brakes and wiper blades for icy conditions that we sometimes get, you are insuring safe travel for not only yourself but also other motorist that are driving the highways.

Battery, and fluid level checks will prevent you being late to work or school because your car wouldn’t start that cold morning that you weren’t expecting.
From brake, tire, and battery check, to windshield wiper placement, coolant system flush, and topping off fluids. We will go over our vehicle winterizing check list and give you a detailed explanation as to why we perform these services.

Don’t get left out in the cold, come in today and get winterized…


Car Air Conditioner Repair in League City

Maintaining your car’s air conditioner is key to keeping cool in the hot months.

You’re stuck in traffic, sitting in your car, it’s 100 degrees out and your A/C doesn’t work. Can you think of a worse situation?

We can: your car is parked for hours in the hot sun, you get in and it’s scorching on the inside but you have no A/C to cool it off.

If either of these scenarios gives you hot flashes, you’ll want to get your A/C fixed for both safety and relief.

Many problems could occur with a vehicle’s A/C system: You may be low on refrigerant caused by a leak; the most common A/C ailment.

Or, a system component has failed. Some repairs are easy, others, not so much. Depends on how quickly the problem is caught.

Unfortunately, ignoring an A/C problem doesn’t make it go away. Leaks get worse and eventually, damage other components — domino effect in action.

Your best defense? At anytime you feel your a/c is “just not cooling very well” bring it in to Gass Automotive and we’ll check out your car A/C.

We’ll make sure it’s taking the hot air from your car, moving through the system properly and re-circulating cooler air back into the car’s cabin.

Our A/C Performance Check thoroughly examines intricate A/C system components and their performance.

This check is well worth it, and helps prevent you from taking a beating from the heat.